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The Knight Radiant

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Wow thanks guys! :)  Hemalurgic_Headshot  don`t worry about the reputation I like being a skaa :D Nice nick btw!

About accuracy, I used what I remembered from the book which I confess got a bit messy. In the end I knew only:

1.dark gray armor with no incrustations or whatever.

2. elements that overlap so nothing is exposed (it was amazingly hard to figure out the joint pieces) except the face guard slit. 

3. Kholin blue cape (not sure about this one actually)

4. slightly curved blade, with wave like serration near the hilt and the hook for Oathbringer. 

Also I wanted it to look very different from any normal armor that could be used by a normal man. It`s stated i think, that you recognize a shardbearer immediately on the field. Well I made it recognizable :) and very heavy! I can`t imagine anyone moving in this, without active stormlight in it.The sharp edges were inspired by real metal shards, they tend to have these flat surfaces, that intersect with sharp edges. Good thing about books, I think Brandon said it somewhere, is that everyone can imagine his worlds differently.

But I promise next time to do a better research maybe ask you guys about opinions. I`m a relatively new fan (1-2years) and I`m sure I can learn a lot from all of you. 

Big thanks again!

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1 hour ago, Figberts said:

I like it! It looks kind of like a video game avatar from that Stormlight game I'm going to code some day. Seriously though, he's terrifying.

I might apply for a concept artist if you need one :)


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33 minutes ago, Mr. Staccato said:

If you make any more artworks like this, I'm pretty sure we can make a TCG out of TSA.

Both hands up for that idea, too bad I can`t dedicate all my time for this, but I`ll try to update every now and than. That`s if I can decide what to do next :) There is so much to choose from! I`m accepting proposals :) 

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Many thanks! It was a risky move to go so far from the original illustrations :) but I was sure I`ll find people willing to take a different view on things. I`m glad you liked him :) 

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Different from the usual interpretations of Shardplate but I think it definitely captures the true terror most normal men would feel facing that down on the battle field! Awesome job mate, please keep them coming!

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Thank you, this really means a lot. I took a bit of a gamble with this interpretation, really wanted it to look like it`s not a normal armor and possibly from another world. Wasn`t sure how fans will react to this one. I`ll try to be more frequent, but you know, this is a pleasure project and time is not always on my side. I could use some Bendalloy or was it Cadmium?


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Posted (edited)

This is some of the best Brandon Sanderson fan art I have ever seen. It conveys beautifuly the stormlight archive and the knights radiant. I especially liked how you conveyed shardplate, I have never seen it made like that before. It might not be the most accurate, but it is very good. You did a great job, and you should definitely make more art for 17th shard.

P.S. I actually did set this as my phone wallpaper

P.P.S. You should make some art specifically for phone wallpapers

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Thank you and you are right, I should try making art more suitable for mobile devices, but I always go for the landscape composition in the end. Maybe it's because I always choose some massive battle to illustrate and landscape really helps there. I actually started my Re-Shephir composition as a vertical image and you saw what happened in the end :) You have my promise, I'll try to make something more suited for phones next time! 


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