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So, the idea for this is for everyone to be a kind of archetype, like the hero, the sidekick, the comic relief, etc. From there it can just do it's own thing.

"I am the Villain fear me, for I am evil. I can reflect the power of whichever Hero I fight, so, does anyone dare challenge me?

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37 minutes ago, The Unknown Order said:

The Villain charges at the mentor, and realizes that the Mentor's only power is kungfu, so the commence a kungfu battle.

@Random Bystander

The Mentor kicks the Villain in a very painful place. Then the Mentor walks up to the Hero.

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The Comic Relief thought that his creator had been creative in creating a Comic Relief, but then realized that there was a Comic Relief mentioned in the OP. The Comic Relief then proceeds to have an existential crisis; which is very funny, as per the law of comedy, which states that "everything is funny if it's happening to someone else."

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4 minutes ago, Tani said:

The Hero bops the Comic Relief, because obviously something is very wrong with the Comic Relief. The Hero then calls "Mentor? I don't know who you are. Who are you, Mentor?"

The Mentor looks at the Hero. "I'm the incredibly wise and also awesome Mentor, of course. I'm here to help you do some quest of some sort."

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10 minutes ago, Tani said:

"Oh! There you are!" The Hero walks over to the Mentor. "What do I do?"

"You must go in a very difficult, and draining quest. Then you have to have an epic fight with the villain. I can help you for a while, but I'll probably die randomly for some stupid reason later."

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