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Teacher asking for help


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I am a middle school/high school science teacher and I am piloting a “classroom game.”  Basically, I turned my classroom into an RPG.  Students create avatars and level them up via experience points earned through completing assignments (I call them quests).  The kids were intrigued at first, but now they are invested (ba dum dum).  I have only had two assignments not turned in so far, and the kids stayed after school so they could complete the quest for partial exp.  But this is a pilot program and the classes that I created are pretty generic and bland.  I worry that the students will grow tired of them.  I was hoping the 17th shard could help me come up with some new cosmere inspired classes and abilities.  I also wondered if someone can tell me how to ask Brandon Sanderson if this is ok?  I am not selling this idea or anything, but I don’t want to just take his stories and ideas.

Important note:  I do want the kids to be able to exploit this system.  They already can, but they have not figured it out yet.



- block: can block incoming damage 10 times per marking period.  (Can be upgrade three times)

-Moralizing shout: can scream self encouragement to gain bonus “HP.”

- Ultimate block (upgrades block):  can block damage to yourself and one ally (upgradable).  Can only block identical damage (same question).


- Heal:  can heal 1 entire attack (question: single points or multipoint) 5 times a marking period (upgradable).

- Resurrect: can raise any assignment from the dead and reattempt it for full credit.  New grade replaces the old grade once a marking period (upgradable). 

- ultimate heal (upgrades heal): can heal 1 entire attack for yourself and an ally (upgradable).  


- backstab:  can assassinate a question, removing it from the assignment.  Can be used to remove multipoint questions, but it messes with the scaling of the grading and exp is lost by killing the question.  Can be done 8 times a marking period (upgradable)

- stealth:  can use stealth ability to hide from unexpected dangers (questions in class) 5 times a marking period (upgradable)

- ultimate stealth:  upgrades stealth to allow students to sneak in late assignments for no penalty at all (stupid teacher meme).  One assignment per marking period (upgradable). 

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I was wondering if they could form guilds and do some like group projects?

I am just brain storming



Heal(creative name right?): can heal 5% of total grade (only used at end of term) or one assignment every turn in period

Holy shield: can block one attack for entire guild.

purify: is an attack



Connection: averages two assignment scores.

Steal bonds: takes the answer to a question

Honor's perpendicularity: restores one ability of guild members

BTW you are like the coolest teacher ever.

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On 10/9/2021 at 9:23 PM, Tani said:

@OdiYum Wow you're so cool I wish MY teachers would do that!!!!! Can I steal your idea and suggest it to some of them?

Also, what's an attack?

Certain classes can attack questions on assessments to change their grade.  So if you got a 10/15 on something, and you kill a 2 point question you got wrong, it becomes a 10/13, changing the percentage score for the assignment.

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