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All Things Photo Editing


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Not sure if this makes more sense here or in General Discussion or maybe Creator Corner, but this area gets a lot of traffic so Ima go with it.

This is just your all-purpose thread for anything photoshop! Or photopea or gimp or microsoft paint or whatever program you use. (I use photopea myself. It's great). 

Share thing's you've made, things you've seen/found, anything at all.

You can also use this for edit requests, I am bored and would like to make random things for y'all. 

Here's some thing's I've made in the past, both to share, and so people requesting things can see my approximate skill level. (It isn't very high =P)



the adobe flash. ikik im hilarious


if you can tell what I edited here and why, I'll be impressed.


me as a bean


me as a bulbasaur


Me but with the :eyes: emoji for eyes (I use this as an emote in my private discord =P)


Me as a ghost (I died it was tragic)


Me as a horrific demon.


me as a certain businessman.


Me as Cthulhu


Me as royalty.


Me as a person wearing a santa hat.


And then my current one for clone season. 


Here's another for clone season that I made for @Channelknight Fadran 


Me as a balrog (we don't have wings.)


Me as a person who's age has increased by a value of 1. 



aaaaaaaand that's it. so yeah, a lot of pfp edits. If you want anything like that, or just have an idea you think I'll appreciate, lemme know. 




Edit: Here's a more recently updated place to find crap i make.


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On 9/24/2021 at 5:29 PM, Danex said:

Share thing's you've made, things you've seen/found, anything at all.

(Make sure you credit the creator if you share things someone else has made!) 

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6 hours ago, Robin Hatter said:

@Dannnex  It looks a lot like this plane.


Is the joke that you fixed it by making it look like a normal plane?


wow you found the original picture even

i couldn't even find that

asymmetry is CURSED and BAD and CURSED and also BAD

so i fixed it 

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I usually just use my laptop's trackpad =P
 sometimes my mouse if I happen to have it with me. 

if I'm doing something that involves more artsy stuff, i'll use my finger and draw on my touchscreen
I am very professional :P


also I realized there isn't a link to my gallery anywhere here, so here's that if anyone cares: 


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