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Aether or?


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Welcome to the Shard!

Just to add, Brandon has said he plans to expand the Sanderson Curiosities line, with Dragonsteel Prime being the next one. So if you want to read that and can't get to BYU in the next couple of years, you'll eventually be able to read it anyways. He'll presumably eventually include Mistborn Prime and Final Empire Prime as he's grouped those in his 'second tier' status along with The Liar of Partinel, which he's said he'd consider releasing once he's written and published the canon version of Hoid's origin story.

We're probably not getting anything from his third/fourth tiers of unpublished works (the 'bad' and 'terrible' ones) with the exception of the unfinished Mythwalker, which you can read in its entirety through the page that LTT linked you to.

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