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I have a question about Kwaan


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I've just Finished Ear 01 and I have a Lot of questions those are bothering me and that's why I joined Reddit & 17th shard hope I'll get answers here from these awesome communities. 


My First Question is: How Did Kwaan figure out that Ruin is altering the prophecies to free Him..? 

I might have missed something or it will be an easy answer I'm not not able to find it, if the ans is in Any other books like Ear 02, secret History please don't spoil it for me. I just wanna know if I missed it or not.?

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Kwaan had an eidetic memory, allowing him to have perfect recall of the prophecies without putting them into his copperminds to be altered by Ruin. When things misaligned between what he remembered and what others had stored in their copperminds, he knew things were happening.

Edit: ninja'd hahaha

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