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Hello, I am Sequence. I've read Mistborn Era One and Two, and am about one third of the way through Oathbringer of the Stormlight Archive. Cryptics and Kandra are tied for first place in my favorite Cosmere creatures. That's about it.

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11 hours ago, JesterLavorre said:

Welcome! I actually have an cryptic in an RP I’m sort of playing in who’s names sequence.

Did you prefer mistborn era 1 or 2? I think I’m in the minority of liking era 2 better overall.

Personally, I prefered Era One. Noted, would you like me to change my username, since you claimed the name of Sequence before me?

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2 hours ago, Not an Ookla said:

Welcome to the Shard! Who's your least favorite and favorite characters?

Favorites would be Pattern, from Stormlight, and Lestibournes from Mistborn. Least Favorite would be Moash and Amaram from Stormlight, and Marasi from Mistborn. Thank you for asking.

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