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If Sanderson was an Anime...

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So I went through all (specifically Cosmere) and gave each book its own anime opening and ending. I looked up the lyrics and went through the song before I approved each one. I would love to hear thoughts but also I would love to see other's additions or suggestions! Fire away! And we don't need to keep to just music either, let's talk about what scenes would look great as an anime or what voice actor would be best as a certain character or even what studio could be a good choice for a particular series. But here's my list of openings and endings. (Links included)



OP 1 - Sirius by Eir Aoi

OP 2 - The Day by Porno Graffiti



Mistborn Season 1

(Final Empire Arc)


OP - the world by Nightmare

ED - Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai by Yoko Hikasa


Mistborn Season 2

(Well of Ascension Arc)


OP - Red Swan by YOSHIKI feat. Hyde

ED - Wareta Ringo by Taneda Risa


Mistborn Season 3

(Hero of Ages Arc)


OP - Shinzou wo Sasageyo by Linked Horizon

ED - Koi wo Shita no Wa by Aiko




OP 1 - Sakura Nagashi by Hikaru Utada

OP 2 - One Last Kiss by Hikaru Utada

ED - Is There Still Anything That Love Can Do? by RADWIMPS


The Stormlight Archive

(Kings Arc)


OP - Colors by Flow

ED - Lost in Paradise by Ali feat. AKLO


Mistborn Season 4

(Alloy of Law Arc)


OP - unravel by TK from Ling tosite sigure

ED - The Real Folk Blues by The Seatbelts


The Emperor’s Soul



OP - Sincerely by TRUE

ED - Fukashigi no Carte


The Stormlight Archive

(Radiance Arc)


OP - Gurenge by LiSA

ED - Memories by Maki Otsuki


Mistborn Season 5

(Shadows of Self Arc)


OP - Duvet by Boa

ED - Alumina by Nightmare


Mistborn Season 6

(Bands of Mourning Arc)


OP - Trigun

ED - Kiri by Monoral


Mistborn Season 7

(Secret History Arc)


OP - Redo by Konomi Suzuki

ED - Shunkan Sentimental by SCANDAL


White Sand


OP - Believe by Folder 5

ED - Grand Escape by RADWIMPS


The Stormlight Archive

(Oathbringer Arc)


OP - Kaikai Kitan by Eve

ED - One more time, One more chance by Masayoshi Yamazaki

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Ooh, Sasageyo is a good choice, Kikai Kitan as well. Hmm... I think I'd prefer Unravel for Oathbringer and One more time, one more chance for Way of Kings. Nandemonaiya would be beautiful for Way of Kings too.

Love your pfp, btw, that's one of my all-time fav scenes in anime.

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I love doing this! I always come up with soundtracks or OP and ED songs for books! Mine aren't as detailed for Mistborn, since it switches between a movie and an anime in my head, but the theme song of the Original Trilogy to me is "Pray For Me" by Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd. 

After the first book/"movie" ends, the "credits" song is "Survive" by Rise Against. 

Warbreaker's soundtrack consists of songs from the band Coldrain's album, Fateless. "Uninvited" is the trailer song, while "Aftermath" and "A Decade In the Rain" are the action-heavy songs. 


Stormlight is a little different. Stormlight I imagine as an anime, so it has proper OPs and EDs, as well as "credit recap" songs, trailer songs, and songs that work as themes. It's all still a work in progress though.

For example, Kaladin's theme songs are "Throne" and "Drown" by Bring Me the Horizon. 


But for the books themselves: 

TWOK OP 1 - "Re I Am" (English Version) - by Aimer (the Japanese version is my theme song for The Wheel of Time in my head)

TWOK ED 1 - "Ref:rain" by Aimer

TWOK OP 2 - ???

TWOK ED 2 - "Mirage" by Band-Maid

TWOK Recap Song - ??? (Possibly "Throne" by Bring Me the Horizon, but most likely the Ai Mori and Halocene cover if this is the case.)

Wit Monologue - "Party Monster" by The Weeknd


WOR Trailer Song - "(as if it's) A Warning" - by Nothing's Carved In Stone (this may also be the Recap Song. Maybe)

WOR OP 1 - "Words That Bind Us" by Nothing's Carved In Stone 

WOR ED 1 - "Assassin" by Nothing's Carved In Stone

WOR OP 2 - ???

WOR ED 2 - ???

WOR Recap Song - ??? 

Wit Monologue - "Starboy" by The Weeknd


OB Trailer Song - "House Of Cards" by Coldrain

OB OP 1 - "Insane Dream" by Aimer

OB ED 1 - "Us" by Aimer

OB OP 2 - ??? (Possibly "Wretches and Kings" by Linkin Park, as that's Young Dalinar's theme song in my head)

OB ED 2 - "Weapon" by Against the Current (the instrumental version will be saved for particularly special episodes, including the "Act 3 finale," which would include [OATHBRINGER SPOILERS]


The ending of Part 3 with the attack on the Palace and the second attack on The Rift. Both would be in that finale episode, and it would tear the hearts out of many a viewer.

(this is also the song that kicked off the whole revision)

OB Recap Song - "Sins of the Father" by Donna Burke (it's also Dalinar's theme song)

Wit Monologue - "Devil May Cry" by The Weeknd


ROW Trailer Song - "The Search" by NF

ROW OP 1 - "Lost In the Echo" by Linkin Park

ROW ED 1 - "A Line In the Sand" by Linkin Park

ROW OP 2 - "Can You Feel My Heart" by Bring Me the Horizon

ROW ED 2 - "Lost" by NF ft. Hopsin (the words "Rhythm of" would appear and cycle through all the rhythms mentioned so far, before ending on Rhythm of the Lost, and then the word lost burns into "war," leaving us with the title Rhythm of War)

ROW Recap Song - "Kings and Queens" by 30 Seconds to Mars

Wit Monologue - "Heartless" by The Weeknd 


Book 5 Trailer Song - "Itch For the Cure" by Bring Me the Horizon (the accompanying song, "Kingslayer," is Szeth's theme song. It could actually function as an OP as well. I've even thought about it being the book's OP, but I'm going with the theme of "female singer for male flashback and male singer for female flashback," and "Kingslayer" doesn't fully fit that criteria. There's another character who fits the song of "Kingslayer" too, so depending on their arc in Book 5, I may still include it...)

Book 5 OP 1 - "Different" by Band-Maid

Book 5 ED 1 - "That Won't Save Us" by Against the Current (the emotion in the episodes/chapters will dictate which version of the song is used)


Book 6 OP 1 - "Pupa" by Nothing's Carved In Stone (also Lift's theme song and the ED of Edgedancer)

Book 8 OP 1 - "Gravity" by Nothing's Carved In Stone (also Ash's theme song)

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