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Can shards make spren

The roamer

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Hey guys need your help out here so can shards make spren if they were on Roshar, odium made voidspren, honour make honour spren and cultivation made cultivation spren so could other shards if they travelled to roshar make spren of their own 

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Skaze and Seons are basically spren of Dominion and Devotion. So it depends on your definition of a spren. If you accept a self-aware sapient chunk of Investiture a spren, then Shards don't even have to travel to Roshar - just create a Splinter and leave it on its own for a bit.

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We think that the Voidspren, like the Unmade, are spren that Odium Corrupted, not created.

Shards can definitively create spren, we got confirmation in RoW that Cultivation created the Nightwatcher, and created her to be separate so she learns about the world on her own and not via perception & Connection.

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