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Siah Aimians = Honorspren Ancestors??

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There’s a theory that I’ve seen a couple of times, which is that Siah Aimians are somehow descended from honorspren. Let’s look at the similarities between Syl and Axies The Collector (the only Siah Aimian we’ve seen)

  1. They are both a blue white color.
  2. They can both change their form (though in different ways) at will.
  3. They both don’t seem to believe they can die, and physical harm is either (for Syl) pretty much nonexistent and (for Axies) it either doesn’t affect him as much, or he just doesn’t really care. (it was thought spren couldn’t die until that RoW “today we have found out how to kill spren” scene).
  4. Axies casts a shadow the wrong way (stems from a connection to the Cognitive Realm, where spren live)
  5. Brandon has said that Siah Aimians are “extremely long-lived”, like spren, which are effectively immortal.

I think that’s all (so far) that we know. Tell me what you think!! :)

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They more than likely are not

"This is Impossible" -Stormfather



Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased)

Basic stuff about the 2 types of Aimians, both of which have extended control of their own biology, both of which more or less refugees. He also said that they have cosmere significance.

Words of Radiance Dayton signing (March 19, 2014)



Are the Aimians, am I saying that right?

Brandon Sanderson



Are they native to Roshar?

Brandon Sanderson

RAFO. They are enigmatic, even on Roshar.

Idaho Falls signing (July 21, 2018)


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I also imagine that the Natanatan people are also descended from honorspren because of the skin color thing. However, I think the ratio of honorspren:other race (in this case probably honorspren:human) is much lower for the Natanatan than the Siah. I think the Natanatan are probably descended from one human/honorspren hybrid (possibly produced from a Nahel bond that became more intimate?), who then intermingled with humans; and the Siah were descended from one honorspren/something else (?) hybrid, who then intermingled with other honorspren.

This is all wild speculation on my part. 
Syladin 4ever <3


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