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Greetings, My Knights

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Hello all, I am incredibly excited to be here.

I'm a DIE HARD Cosmere fan and freaked out when I realized this forum existed.
Some facts about me:

I'm 17
My real name is Jacob but I prefer Fintan.
Kaladin Stormblessed is by far my favorite character ever, followed by Dalinar Kholin.
I wish someday to be a part of bridge four and consider myself a loyal Windrunner.


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13 minutes ago, Ander Stormwindrunner said:

A fellow Windrunner! My favorite character may be Lift (or Syl), but the Windrunners are my favorite order. Have you taken the Knights Radiant quiz?

I have indeed but sometimes get different results
here is my most recent one


I always strive to be a Windrunner though

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