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12 hours ago, Retrac said:

Any dune readers out there? Just found it and I love it!!!

My advice - not that I expect you will take it - is to savor and treasure the first one and pretend none of the others exist.

Herbert's original novel was definitely one of the best things I've ever read.  I read it literally forty years ago, and I still recall details from it sharply and think about it often.  Unfortunately, the sequels gradually descend into a mess of mumbo-jumbo and near-incomprehensibility, IMO.

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My ex introduced me to it, and I think I appreciate it more now that I'm older. 

2 hours ago, Briar King said:

Dune is fantastic as are the other 5 he wrote. I wouldn’t read any of the other books his son and KJA wrote except possibly the 2 books that “finish” the main story. They are the only 2 I read and I have no intention of trying others.

Agreed with Briar King - the other five are good, in my view, but Dune holds a special place in my heart, of the lot of them. I don't really bother with the Brian Herbert and KJA books but you do you: certainly, checking them out of the library hurts no-one.

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