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Crackpot, unrealistic, yet slightly possible theory


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In Shadows of Self, Wax asks Bleeder who she is. Bleeder says that she is the surgeon. 
We know that Era 2 happens after SA 1-5. Is it possible that either Kaladin or Lirin are in someway connected to Bleeder? Maybe they were killed and became a spike for her? I don’t have any evidence, I just want to hear people’s thoughts and see where this goes.

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Intriguing idea. When I saw you use the word surgeon I thought you might be going in a different direction. Here’s Axindweth’s first appearance in the Eshonai flashback in RoW chapter 48:


One of the attendants was a curious woman who was the surgeon’s assistant.

What if Axindweth works for Bleeder?

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