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I need ideas for thing to pixel draw

Lunar Blessing

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Here's a numbered list of potentially fun things to create pixel art/animation of:

  1. A rotating skull on fire
  2. The Steel alphabet (pick a pixel dimension and get the best approximation for every glyph)
  3. Take a picture of a tree where you can see the full shape of the tree, render it accurately but stylized. Do this for all the different types of tree and then sell your pixel tree library on IStockPhoto.com
  4. All the things @AonEne said (especially the rolling d20)
  5. Shiba Inus. They are adorable and they look even cuter when simplified.
  6. If this is an exercise to hone your craft, then try picking arbitrary pixel dimensions and then try and recreate recognizable logos within those dimensions.
  7. Take sprites that you love (like say, Kefka from final fantasy 6) and then create new animations for them (and tag me if you do this one, holy crap that would be awesome).
  8. As an exercise, try taking the sprites of Link from the original NES version of Zelda, and redesign them so that Link looks like a pirate.
  9. Try making a cohesive set of sprites of as many as possible different dog and or cat breeds, and then sell your dog/cat library of sprites on IStockPhoto.com
  10. As an exercise, using the same pixel dimensions, make sprites of 18 (randomly picked number, I looked at an animated gif of a rotating d20 to pick it) different hand poses. When looked at as a set, it should obviously be the same hand, roughly the same size/volume, and they should look really cool.
  11. Do pixelated portraits of famous authors (and tag me when your post them).
  12. The 17th Shard logo.
  13. Magellan, Brandon's most beloved non-genetically related child.
  14. A shiny gold piece, who doesn't like to see a shiny gold piece in pixel form (I'll tell you, the people who have no soul, that's who. No soul at all)
  15. A bear.
  16. A stylized portrait of Salvador Dali.
  17. The serpent of time eating it's own tail, almost like it has time to make a wheel of some sort...

I looked at your gallery of pixel art, it's looking really good. I think you have what it takes, you just need to put the time in, build up those pixelated muscles, and you could go all the way.

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3 hours ago, Hoiditthroughthegrapevine said:

The serpent of time eating it's own tail, almost like it has time to make a wheel of some sort...

A serpent of time eating it's own tail? Making a wheel? You could probably write a book about this...

A flickering fire could also be something

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