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Yeah I'm Travant, nice to meet y'all! 

I love Cosmere obviously, and I've read all of it except for White Sand and Dawnshard. I intend to get my hands on Dawnshard ASAP

Random fun facts: I play the cello (and I like to think I'm pretty good), I found 17s through Shardcast, I love Pokemon, I haven't read the audiobooks or anything so I'm probably pronouncing everything wrong in my head

Cosmere stuff: 

The Emperor's Soul is my favorite Cosmere work

Forgery is my favorite Cosmere magic system (IT'S SO CREATIVE I love it)

My favorite Cosmere character is... oh god. I don't know if I can pick... but I LOVE Shai (noticing a theme here? lol) and Sazed too

my favorite Cosmere moment is a big fat RoW spoiler so


never mind apparently RoW spoilers aren't fair game yet

I look forward to (respectfully) arguing about theories lol

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Welcome to the Shard, @Travant

That's awesome that you play cello! 

It's totally cool that some of the pronounciations are wrong; Brandon said that he doesn't care.

(Might want to edit out that Rhythm of War spoiler, even tagged it's not allowed in this forum. You might get in trouble with the mods.)

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10 hours ago, Bearer of all agonies said:

What‘s your least favorite cosmere character?


wow that's actually really hard. The answer is probably (basic as it is) Moash, lol. Though I still do appreciate him from a perspective of him being a good foil for Kaladin and stuff, but... 

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