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Elsecallers vs. Dustbringers

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Well, they are both very similar so confusion is understandable. An easy trick would be to see how the two Orders' Oaths can also be seen as the opposites of one another. Dustbringers are about restricting oneself, while the Elsecallers are about reaching one's full potential. Elsecallers are concerned with developing themselves, Dustbringers are concerned with controlling oneself.

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16 hours ago, Truthwatcher at the Rim said:

Can someone please explain to me the difference(s) between Elsecaller oaths and Dustbringer oaths?  I know there is a difference, but I'm having trouble seeing precisely what it is.  

In short, not really.  We dont have specific oaths for either.  But as honorless said the difference between self control and self improvement is a place to start.

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1 hour ago, Bearer of all agonies said:

Whelp, I think she’s the eighth book, right? So that’s like 12 years. Uh-oh. 

Jasnah is book 10. That could change, but still. I hope we have all the Radiant Oaths until book 8 at the latest . . .

It's also very possible that Jasnah's flashback will focus on the gap between 5 and 6 instead. We just don't know how the back 5 flashbacks will work exactly. There are other ways to get the Oaths across, anyway. Nale just dopped all Skybreaker Oaths casually in, like, one paragraph. Jasnah could do the same as early as in book 6. There's no way to say what Brandon will eventually do right now.

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