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Howdy all, I have been really getting into the Cosmere this year, and this led me the Shardcast, which has lead me here. Two of my younger brothers have read Brandon for years (ironically I was aware of his work before them via his completion of the Wheel of Time, but I never read his original works) and I finally started last year by reading Way of Kings and Warbreaker. This year I have read Elantris, Words of Radiance, Edgedancer, Oathbringer, Dawnshard, the Selish, Rosharan, and Threnody sections of the Arcanum Unbounded, White Sands Vol. 1 and Mistborn: The Final Empire. I love how the more you read the Cosmere, the more you can see how it all is beginning to come together. I just read the first Mistborn book last week, I am excited to get back to that series after plowing through Rhythm of War this week. 

Stoked for Rhythm of War!

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Welcome to the Shard JonBob! Quite the excellent name I must say :D Awesome you've been taking the plunge into the Cosmere this year and that you found both Shardcast and came to join here! We are delighted to have you join!

While younger brothers don't always have the answers they can get some good ideas sometimes. You discovered him first though ofc! :P That is quite the list there you are most definitely prepared! The ever-expanding aspect of the Cosmere and the way each new piece of information gives so much more context to every old piece of information is totally one of the best parts I so agree!

It's like all the big movie franchises in a way where you learn as you grow and is what makes these books all the more amazing! You defiantly have an amazing two weeks laid out for you as well with RoW and Mistborn that sound great :D Have you read any non-Cosmere works? Look forward to seeing you around!

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