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Where did Cord find infused spheres?


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1 hour ago, Govir said:

Half were brought with her / gotten from Rysn's chair.

The other half could have come from perfect gemstones, which do not loose Stormlight. It could also be from something more artificial, like the "crystal ball" from the lighthouse in Shadesmar.

I was wondering that - if she happened upon a stash of perfect gemstones that would be especially notable. 

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On 11/11/2020 at 7:30 PM, Ashbringer said:

It's possible the Sleepless have been maintaining the cave and its stores. I don't see any reason why a Sleepless couldn't don Shardplate if they wanted to defend the Dawnshard in a more traditional manner. They'd probably even have an easier time putting it on.

I don't know if I agree on that. I mean, they said they didn't use soulcasters. I know it's not quite the same, but that was their excuse to give those away. They didn't hesitate in giving the shardplate away either. If they were to use it I doubt they would have let go on it so easily.

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