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A speculative research paper on the magics of the Iconar collective.


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On the nature of extranatural effects in the Iconar Collective.


What we don't understand

Through my studies, one thing has become clearly unexplainable to me, that being the effects of the mind on extranatural effects, throughout the collective. I have guessed and speculated, and yet I cannot put my finger on how exactly one's mindset effects the behaviors of what I have labeled Magic, most particularly the Magic of Ivinan. 


On Ivinan

The Magic of Ivinan allows one, using the Icara particles, to create or control earth, fire, water, or air [Iconar collective roleplay, Iconar magic description, The Iconar collective, "Particle theory"]. The variables this depends on are, in no particular order, one's talent, skill, mindset [The Iconar Collective, "Earth Arcana"], and the Dayseason [The Iconar Collective, "Betting on swordplay"]. Of these, Skill and Talent are self-explanatory. However, as I stated, I'm still not quite sure how one's mindset affects their ability to use Icara particles, (though I suspect it has to do with the soul, rather than the mind). That leaves the dayseason. It has been shown that the dayseason does affect one's ability to use certain compounds (I believe this to be another cause of the naming of the dayseasons), but I do not think that one's ability to manipulate the Icara compound is dependent on the dayseason, exactly. rather, I believe that the composition of the moons, combined, likely, with another factor, and the reflection of light, can encourage or discourage certain particles to act certain ways (Cause for the Dayseasons? Requires further study).

     I find Arcana to be most intriguing. It has a confirmed source, that being the Icara compound, and yet from what I can tell, it is also reliant on the nature of the soul. Is the soul, indeed, nothing but a particular compound? Why does it seem to be the source of the Collective's Magic, and yet it's so unexplored?


On Feylore

Feylorian Magic is not a particularly scientific art, nor is it easy to study. However, the Mending of Feylore is quite intriguing. It's very nature is a mystery. Does the Mender send some sort of cell into an object? Does the mender instinctively know

what it is they want the object to be mended into? Do the objects themselves influence the process? How little material can a Mender recreate an object out of? I'm afraid that all I may offer is theorization and questions on the subject of Mending. I'm nearly clueless as to the source of mending's power, but I do believe it may be connected to the soul. My studies on Mending are catastrophically lacking, but I believe there may be a sort of connection between Mending and Healing


On Vitera

Again, my studies fall short on Healing. However, I do intend to research more, as Healing, I believe, could be directly connected to the very same 'soul' that appears to be so prevalent in Iconarian magics. Again, the mind provides another stumbling-block, as there are many variables in healing based on seemingly chance. I will continue my studies on Vitera in the near future.


On Drakefell

Drakefellish Illusion is quite interesting. How exactly the Illusionist connected to the recipient of the magic stumped me for I while, but I realized the connection process might be something similar to the Spiritbond of Ivinan, If the magics are connected in such a way. If one can connect to the heat of a sun, why couldn't one connect to another person enough to manipulate them? Illusion provides a much-needed peek into the workings of the mind on magic. I will need to explore the effects of thought-illusion on magic to know more.


On Sunken Deep

The Sunken Deep Magic of Decaying is not easy to study, I will say. However, from what I have learned, it may correspond with my theory of connection. Other than that, I do not believe that Decaying has any workings with the Soul. It is dependent on the mind, however, more so than others. I have yet to know whether thought-illusion could prevent a demon from using this magic, though I think it may be possible.

On Carnon

The Necromancy of Carnon excites me the most of all magics. It has direct correlation to the soul, and provides a very curious system. I am left wondering a few things. How does the object understand it's directions? Can one soul be over exhausted or burned away? What are the limits of what an object can do? I am currently looking into the uses of Necromancy. 


The soul

All of this leaves me with a question. Is the soul used in one system of magic the same as another? How closely connected are the worlds of the Iconar collective? Are there worlds besides those that can be reached through Parallarity? I will further edit this study as my research allows.


This is a speculative research paper on the magic in The Iconar Collective, by Channelknight Fadran.



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56 minutes ago, Channelknight Fadran said:

Scudding scud! Where the crap did this come from???

Hehehehehe. It emerged from both your book and the seventh plane of the Great Void.

You should have known this would happen.

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