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tWoK Soulcaster Stealing Scene


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Quick question guys (I might be overthinking this)

spoilers tWoK and WoR 


Wouldn't Ivory have seen that Shallan had swapped the two soulcasters?

Jasnah seemed to genuinely not know/ care, and seemed pretty angry when she found out, so I don't think she was waiting to see if Shallan would come forward to her. 

It seems unlikely to me that he was giving Jasnah privacy to bathe as they'd been together for five or six years at that point, and he doesn't seem the type to be zipping off like Syl

What do you guys think?



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Id say, not necessarily, but for mundane reasons.  Ivory is more like Pattern than Syl in that he cannot walk around freely to observe the way she and some of the other races can.  He shrinks down to tiny size instead, which makes him hard to spot but also means he will have a more limited perspective to keep watch.  There would have definitely still been a risk of Ivory spotting her swap, especially since she had no clue to look for him. 

But frankly, given that Ivory never spotted Pattern even though they likely were in the same room many times before the theft makes me think Ivory simply isnt very observant.  He's not as flighty and/or distractible as Syl, but I could see him being the scholar stereotype that can fall into his own thoughts and miss thigns right in front of his face.  

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