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KIckstarters are shipping!

Mason Wheeler

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44 minutes ago, Mason Wheeler said:

Yeah, my poster arrived yesterday, and just the poster.  I talked with @JoyBluand she said the same thing.

A bit more clarity from BackerKit as to what was and was not being shipped would have been nice.

Same, got my poster a while back. Waiting for the rest of it :)

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1 hour ago, Ghanderflaffle said:

Yes, I thought in one of the emails it said they would be after all the posters?

Yes— they did. When you posted earlier “I got . . . The playing cards” I just wanted clarification for what “got” meant. Ordered vs Received. I ordered extra playing cards as well and didn’t want to feel left out if they had started shipping. Because as of right now I’ve only received the posters. 

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The books are here!

As usual, there's a bunch of beautiful artwork inside.  Some of it we've already seen (the original WoK cover and maps, for example) and other stuff is new, like depictions of Navani burning her prayer of vengeance or Syl fighting off the Deathspren.  The first book contains parts 1 and 2, plus their interludes, while the third covers the rest of the book and the Ars Arcanum.

My bookshelf is now officially too full; I don't have room to add these books beside the other leatherbounds.  I need to rearrange it!

KS Way of Kings.png


syl fighting deathspren.png

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