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What is your weirdest fear?


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Hi, As the title suggests I am asking you guys what your weirdest fear is. (it does not have to necessarily be weird).

My weirdest fear is the fear of wrists. I am not joking. It is called carpophobia. I am unable to look at the underside of a wrist without being grossed out. I have to constantly wear long sleeves and jackets to cover my wrists. It is a very strange fear and so I thought I would share it here with you peoples. 

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On 8/21/2020 at 7:14 PM, Truthless of Shinovar said:

I had the thought to create this thread due to one of my weirdest irrational that I remembered today. Basically, you know how when it’s a beautiful day outside and you’re in the car so you just roll down the windows and stick your arm out? Well, one of my all time biggest jump-scares/irrational fear is whenever my arm is out the window and someone else starts to roll up the window. It catches me totally off guard and I yelp every time. Maybe it’s the fear that my arm will get chopped off or something, but it scares the heebie-be-jeebies out of me.

So... if you’re ever in the car with me and my arm is out the window, don’t roll the window up. 

What’s your worst fear (rational or irrational)?

Check out this thread!^^

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Aww I love claymation

not necessarily watching it, but I like to make my own.

My weird fear is kinda hard to explain. It’s like, when there’s something hard at the very edge of my field of view, I have to move. I just feel like I’m gonna hit my head on it. Like if someone next to me is playing guitar, and the neck is up by my ear, I have to move. Even if they’re sitting far enough away for it to definitely not hit me. 
Or if I’m lying in a chair and there’s like a table or something next to it. 

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I have a completely rational fear but I’ll share it anyways.

Heights. I can’t do it.

10 feet up on a ropes course I can’t move, can’t think. The only thing I can do is go straight down.

I love roller coasters though so it’s interesting 

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