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Can you Duralumin/Nicrosil burst or chromium leech aluminium?


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Can you Duralumin burst aluminium?

I mean it would be difficult as the aluminium would probably be looking to metabolize the duralumin anyway but can you even duralumin burst aluminium in the first place?

What about Nicroburst touching an Allomancer, Mistborn or Misting, burning aluminum?

Can you use chromium to leech someone's aluminium?

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7 hours ago, PrinceGenocide said:

Huh , I wonder if u can kill someone like that. Just snuff our their soul yo

I mean, your Spiritweb is Investiture, as is your Cognitive. There's a certain sword...

But even the Lord Ruler couldn't do that, so probably not

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On 8/19/2020 at 11:34 PM, Karger said:

No way to tell.  Brandon has also RAFOed what happens when two nicrobursts touch each other.




If two Leecher's burned their metal while touching each other, would they both burn out super fast, not at all, or would the powers cancel each other out, meaning the [chromium] burnt at the normal rate.

Brandon Sanderson

Burn out super fast.

from this we can conclude that the same thing will happen if two Nicrobusts touched. They would flare each others metals out in an instant.


Aluminium purges investiture from the body. If you were burning the instant someone Nicrobust you I would assume that the Aluminium would just negate the Nicrobusting by absorbing it in itself for as long as your opponent had hold of you. It would then destroy itself when there was nothing to purge. If you were a Mistborn this would be helpful because then your metal supply would not be depleted so long as you stop burning Aluminium in time.  

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On 8/22/2020 at 0:57 AM, Friendshipspren said:

Isn't it the common belief that Tlr never had chromium or nicrosil

Huh, good point. Chromium does not occur naturally, it's mixed with other stuff in nature. I think the same goes for Nicrosil. But then again, the Lord Ruler did have access to Aluminium. He definitely knew about the metals but he might not have had enough time holding Preservation's power from the Well of Ascension to get easier access to them. Same probably goes for cadmium and Bendalloy.

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