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Incorrect word in wob


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Not sure where to go to report this but here goes. 

This is question number 88 on the Barnes and nobles book club Q&A. Skip to last paragraph for the actual problem:



Can you tell us what the rest of the Feruchemical and Hemalurgic powers are? Since, you know, you won't be writing in the Mistborn world for many years, and those Feruchemical and Hemalurgic Tables might not even come into existence if the Allomantic Metals one doesn't sell. Pretty please?


Brandon Sanderson

I will release this eventually. I'm still tweaking the powers—their names, and how they function—and so I'd rather hold off on revealing anything specific right now. We might include them in the RPG, though.


When is the Table of Allomantic Metals coming out?

Brandon Sanderson

Printer emailed me today for final confirmation. Should be very soon now.

Barnes and Noble Book Club Q&A (July 8, 2009)


I'm pretty sure on the last response from Brandon he is saying Peter emailed me rather than printer emailed me bwhaha. If there is another place or method for reporting these please educate me. 

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If you believe there is a mistake in capturing a WoB, you can create an Arcanum account and make edits you feel are appropriate.

That being said, all suggested edits are reviewed by an Arcanist before they get approved for the site, and I can say that your suggestion would be reverted. The sentence as written makes sense - the company that was printing the posters was trading emails with Brandon.

But there's no harm in making edit suggestions; worst case scenario, it just gets put back to how it started after a little while.

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I was not aware I had that ability! Cool thank you for the information. I would agree that it's a trivial thing. I really just wanted to know the process and felt weird not having something to report if I was asking :) thanks again. This site rocks! 

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