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Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!


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Lord Rularrrr, it be that time o' year again, International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Wikipedia says so, and they never be wrong. 'Tis a day to replace random verbs with "be" and add copious repetitions of the letter "r". To put us in tha spirit, here be a handful (or perhaps a hookful) of yer favorite quotes, as they'd've been said had the charactarrrs been pirates:

Kelsierrr: There be always another secret.

Lightsong: I be developin' a new ability: Irritation by Proxy! Yaharr!

Wayne: It be lucky. I ain’t never died while wearin' me lucky hat!

Gaz (anything he ever said): Arrrr!

An International Talk Like a Pirate Day Ketek:

Yarr! Yaharr! Arrr! Yaharr! Yarr!

Post yer own favorite pirate quotes from Sandarrrson's books!

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