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Hoid's Aliases


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So I came across this:


Brandon Sanderson

And your name is Topaz, huh?


Yes, it is.

Brandon Sanderson

Topaz is a great name in the cosmere, because.. I if you know Wit/Hoid? Topaz is one of his aliases. It was the first name I came up for with him, when I was a teenager. I named him Topaz.

and I know the name Hoid itself is an alias. Im wondering if there is more that we should look for.

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Are you asking about why he was called Topaz? He said something along the lines of being named after a stone, which became lesser for his being associated with it. He is also referred to as the bearer of the First Gem. This Topaz might be this First Gem.

Hoid's immortality comes from an anti-Adonalsium weapon, which no longer exists in its original form. This might be referring to the same thing.

Aside from that Hoid itself is a alias, it was his Lightweaving master's name from Yolen. The Shard Vessels know him as Cephandrius. He's called Drifter in Mistborn: Secret History. He's the Imperial Fool in Emperor's Soul and the King's Wit in The Stormlight Archive. He's called Lunu'anaki the Wandering God by the Unkalaki. He's known as Midius to the Heralds and also used that name in the Liar of Partinel. Dude's been around the block. 

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