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The Future of Honor


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Greetings those of the 17th I have recently learned of the dramatic events that came to pass during the battle of Thaylan City. I refer to the powers displayed by Dalenar Colin that opened a perpendicularity. I ask you of the shard to answer this question. Is Dalenar a sliver of honor as the lord ruler of old was a sliver of preservation. This Spren called Storm Father that he has bonded appears to be a similar entity to the Surviver during his short time as preservation. Could the Bond be strong enough to recombine the broken splinters of Honor. 

The Stormfather is a cognitive shadow and Dalenar is a physical body but will the power of Honor ever recombine. If it does what could this suggest about the greater cosmere.

Or could it never be healed. 

This worlds conflict makes me fear for Harmony.

The nature of these Shard blades seems to suggest that Honor has invested a vast amount of himself in the metal of these so call shard blade and shard plate. Not to mention the Honor blades which seem to hold the majority of Honors power. Tell me this How can Preservation only produce so little Lasarium and even Ruin did not have so much Atium as this Rosharan have "shards". 

Any advice would be appreciated on the topics I have mentioned.


Killuthion Worldbringer of the Cosmere

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As to the question as to whether Dalinar Ascended with a capital A, that is a question I'm sure we all would like the answer to. We must read future novels to determine this.

9 minutes ago, Killuthion said:

Tell me this How can Preservation only produce so little Lasarium and even Ruin did not have so much Atium as this Rosharan have "shards". 

The beads are only a tiny portion of Preservation. The power itself is infinite,  and the Vessels have some volition as to how they manifest their power.  For Leras it wasn't just the beads but the mist covering the planet and the Shardpool at the Well of Ascension.  Atium was artificially rare, there was much more than what was circulating among the population.  It took 300 people hours and hours of continuous burning to exhaust the stockpile, this considering that one could burn a bead of Atium the size of a marble in less than a minute. 

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According to Odium, he did briefly Ascend, so I consider him a Sliver, indeed. Although Odium doesn't have any particular need to always tell the truth, I don't see any incentive for him to lie in that particular instance.

Also it's "Dalinar Kholin" :) I assume audiobook listener? You can find the proper spellings on the Coppermind.

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