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Peacetime Surgebinders


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14 hours ago, Karger said:

You don't need to go from the palace.  Instead you could use teleportation to bypass it and all fortifications.  This is a large reason why I dislike the ability so much when it does not have enough flaws.

The same is true of Gravitation. In fact, I have been wondering if Ehlokar's first instinct couldn't have been right - if Kaladin and his guys attacking the Oathgate immediately - which was absolutely an option, wouldn't have been better than the extended reconaissance that they engaged in. It would depend on whether the corruption of the Oathgate spren was already complete when their group arrived at Kholinar, or not.

Soulcasting (as demonstrated by that nameless diagrammist with the soulcaster who acquired Szeth for Taravangian), Cohesion and probably Division could do it as well. Fortifications just aren't much use against surge-binders. As seen in Dalinar's flashbacks, they didn't offer that much protection against skilled normal shardbearers either.

As to your envisioned uses of Transportation  in aerial battle, Skybreakers can do it so much easier by just filling the area with Division. no need for ridicoulous  pin-point accuracy and lightning reflexes that your scenario requires.

I also imagine that locations of the Oathgates are places easiest to Transport _to_ on Roschar for some reason, since judging by Jasnah's experience it looks likely that transporting _away_ is generally easier.

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1 hour ago, Karger said:

I think we are at a high derailment point.  To get us back on track.  Peacetime Dustbringers could make excellent craftspeople.

I was just about to say that. I am in the process of making a thread for transportation so we can discuss it further there. I will tag you and traveler. 

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