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How does a native Rosharan human get over a wall?


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(answer - They Shinovar it!)


Hi, pretty long time lurker here, figured it's finally time to do some theorising out in the open. Also inflict my excruciating puns on you all, see above.

I've read most Cosmere stuff barring a few of the shorter novellas etc (planning on remedying that ASAP) and have some pretty wild plans to eventually finish writing my own series, assuming Brandon doesn't take all the good ideas first.

Pleasure to meet you all!

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2 minutes ago, Lunamor said:

Welcome to the Shard! Which Cosmere character is your favorite? 

Also that was a great pun :lol: You might like this thread:


Thank you! A pun thread does seem like my natural habitat, will check it out at once :D

My favourite changes a lot honestly, for a character I relate most to it has to be Shallan but since I find myself a little annoying at times... As for well fleshed out and insanely fun to read, it might have to go to Denth.

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