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Future of the Cosmere


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Being currently engaged in a re-read of the Era 1 Mistborn trilogy (and eagerly following the updates on the Rhythm of War progress bar) has gotten me thinking about Brandon's future plans for the Cosmere and trying to piece together everything he has planned out (and has revealed publicly, obviously). It's been established for a while that the core Cosmere arc consists of Mistborn, Stormlight and eventually Dragonsteel (I've seen some people also list Elantris as "core Cosmere" though I've not seen a direct WoB on this one EDIT: Now I have) with the other works as side stories (though still important - ie Khriss comes from White SandWarbreaker is a stealth prequel introducing some key characters for Stormlight). This is my current understanding of what future Cosmere projects look like: 


Rhythm of War, currently being written, release set for Nov. 17 2020.

Stormlight 5, end of the first arc, coming after The Lost Metal, tentatively planned for Fall 2023

Stormlight 6-10, second Stormlight arc. 


The Lost Metal, end of Era 2, coming after Rhythm of War, tentatively planned for fall 2021 

Era 3, Modern Mistborn, coming some point after Stormlight 5, trilogy. 

Cyberpunk Mistborn, potentially between Era 3 and 4, Brandon doesn't know for sure if he'll do this and if so in how much detail.

Era 4, Mistborn in Space, far-off, the chronological endpoint of the Cosmere, Hoid will be a main character, trilogy. 


Elantris 2-3, coming after Stormlight 5, will apparently reveal some important Cosmere info that will need to get out there before the later Mistborn books. 


Nightblood, sequel to Warbreaker, still far off at this point. 


Future graphic novels, the first being a graphic novel series continuing Khriss's story and taking place on Nightside. Brandon may write Taldain prose novels at some point, isn't sure (all from DragonCon 2019). 


The Dust Brigade (tentative title), full novel, might come between Stormlight arcs, probably farther off. 

Unknown Shardworlds

Aether of Night, Brandon still wants to do something with this, will likely be rewritten from the ground up as a lot of elements from the current draft ended up cannibalized in other works. State of the Sanderson 2019 indicates this is currently plotted as a trilogy. 

"Secret Standalone Cosmere Novel" mentioned in State of the Sanderson 2019

"YA Cosmere Novel with Magic Kites" mentioned in State of the Sanderson 2019 


Dragonsteel/Liar of Partinel, prequel to the Cosmere, Hoid/original Shardvessels backstory, probably a ways off (after everything but Mistborn Era 4), State of the Sanderson 2019 indicates it's currently envisioned as a trilogy (originally planned to be longer, but a lot of content ended up in Stormlight instead). 

Short Fiction

Brandon has mentioned various short stories and novellas that might show up at some point, including a Rysn novella (Wandersail) a Rock novella, a Silverlight novella, a Sixth of the Dusk sequel and Silence Divine (though recent comments indicate this one may be in doubt now). Potential for further collection(s) in the vein of Arcanum Unbounded.

Per State of the Sanderson 2019, the Cosmere is currently forecasted as containing approx. 35 full-length novels (though this doesn't seem to figure in the YA novel or the "Secret Standalone" if my count is correct), of which eleven have currently been published. 


This all is my understanding for where future Cosmere projects are standing at the moment. Does anyone else know of anything major that I've missed out on, or any information that I have here that's out of date or just plain wrong? Thought I'd try to get this all laid out and make sure I had a good grasp on where things were heading and (roughly) when, and that it might be helpful to see in general. Thank you! 


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He's talked about the potential for other Arcanum Unbounded things, kind of turning that into a series in its own right, but I don't know if that counts towards this.


I'd probably put that as an extension of the "Short Fiction" category; going to go ahead and add it to the original post though! 

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There was a post on Reddit that gathered quite a few sources for potential future stories. It was from almost a year back, and it includes everything (Cosmere and non-Cosmere), but you'd probably find it interesting. It has quite a few esoteric references. https//www.reddit.com/r/brandonsanderson/comments/9z18ko/chart_of_all_published_and_potential_brandon/

Here's the source for Elantris as a "Core Story."

Here's something recent, where Brandon's assistant Peter said Dragonsteel is likely at 3 books. (Though, of course, that will be subject to change until it's actually written.

I don't see you mention the Sixth of the Dusk sequel. Brandon did some work on it this year, so it may actually be the next Cosmere story we see. https://wob.coppermind.net/adv_search/?query=&date_from=2003-12-05&date_to=2019-10-06&speaker=&tags=sixth+of+the+dusk+sequel&ordering=-date

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To add to all of that, there is a chance there might be a cyberpunk Mistborn included as well, at the least as part of the 1980's Mistborn (and maybe the space opera), but also possibly as its own novel:

https://wob.coppermind.net/events/10/#e6569, and https://wob.coppermind.net/events/121/#e4729, and https://wob.coppermind.net/events/315/#e10958

(or just look here :-P )

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