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Will Alcatraz and Bastille be a Thing?

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During my first read of the Alcatraz series, specifically the first two books, I kept waiting for Alcatraz to make fun of me for thinking that the lead male would have to be romantically involved with the lead female. After all, this is a real story, not fiction. The real world does not always have a nice and convenient romantic subplot wrapped up in a bow. As the series progressed, and Alcastille began to solidify, the more I questioned. Would it not be just like Alcatraz to write a romantic subplot with no conclusion? He has never outright said that he and Bastille are romantically involved, yet he does strongly imply it. Yet the more he implies, the more suspicious I get. Is this just me!?

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5 hours ago, Peng the Just said:

Dark talent spoiler


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At the end of book five, her name is signed as "Bastille Smedry"



I know, but that could mean any number of things, we simply assume it's because she married Alcatraz. maybe she married a different Smedry, or she was legally adopted as a Smedry. Maybe the knights of Crystalia all gained Smedry talents. 


The Scrivner wants to transfer the talents to evryone via the worldspire, the source of the crystin's power, so maybe the talents got transfered only to them somehow.

If that's the case, then maybe they are all now considered Smedrys.

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On 7/26/2019 at 10:15 PM, Kidpen said:

I could totally see a fakeout on Al's part. I also think it's totally possible that they did get married though. Who knows, really.

I ship it, but I kinda feel like it's Brandon's style to marry Bastille to Kaz or something :P

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