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The true history of roshar


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A recent WoB mentioning that Adonalsium had a purpose in the design of Roshar has granted me inspiration to a greater understanding of the history of Roshar.

Adonalsium, being a great and powerful being, managed to calculate the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, but needed more computing power to calculate the question for its answer. So the greater Rosharan system was created as a celestial scale super computer, designed to finally find the ultimate question.

But then, due to an exodus of rather useless people from Ashyn (which was shortly afterwards sadly destroyed by a telephone-borne disease) to Roshar, killing off most of the peaceful indigenous peoples, the calculations were ruined.

Now in the modern day, Odium is attempting to destroy Roshar, to make space for a super-highway between Nalthis and Scadrial. Hoid, being a hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is, arrives just in time to save his friend Dalinar from the imminent destruction of Roshar, and thus we reach the end of Oathbringer.

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