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Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Night!


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Hello! Glad to be here. I'm a college student tackling life and finding joy in the stories of the world.


I've read the Mistborn Trilogy (though it's been a while), Elantris, The Emperor's Soul, Warbreaker, The Rithmatist, and both of books in the Stormlight Archive.


I'm gearing up for a reread of the Mistborn Trilogy, and then I'll tackle Alloy of Law.


I love love love audio books and I've listened to The Emperor's Soul, the Rithmatist, and the Stormlight books so far.


Shallan is one cool jam-lovin' cat, and I'd totally get Syl a spren-hat.

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Oh dear. Puns are few in number and that's probably a blessing for all involved. Love to theorize, but I've not shared anything. I'll have to check out what other people have posted! Love to ship--love to love. I'm all about fanart and fanfiction, too.

I've never been part of a Spikeocracy. This will be a learning experience.

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You! You presume to tell me I am sunshine, take that as your own name? I am offend! I am offend! You must apology with awesomeness and contributions to the hemalurgy of our Spikeocracy!

In other words - hi! Nice name! Welcome to the forums, we look forward to seeing you around! :D

hey guys! We have another unsuspecting victim for delightful puns! =) =) =)

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