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Hey Sanderson fans!

I just gotta say, I've loved Brandon's books for a long time, and constantly try to force them on my friends to spread the good word of Sanderson. The few who actually take my advice love me for it and shower me with praises (and one time, candy).

Up until two weeks ago, I had no idea about the Cosmere. Through all my readings I hadn't noticed the hints and didn't consider, even for a second, that there was this incredible link between all of Brandon's books. It has added a whole new level to my already enormous respect for his writing.

Also, can't wait for Alloy of Law and Stormlight 2. Bring it on, BS.


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Well, technically I have been in these forums more time than you, if only for hours, so I might as well welcome you ;)

About the Cosmere... well, the first time I heard about "a character named Hoid that appeared in both Elantris and The Final Empire", I was like: "people have a really good memory" and "so what?". But then I kept both reading Brandon's books and visiting Brandon's website and fan sites, and realized you can never take anything for granted in his writings, so...

... well, so don't feel bad, because you'll make me feel a dummy too, and I definitely don't want that! :)

And I also try to get my friends to read Brandon's books. I love talking about books I like, but cannot do that if I'm the only one who has read them.

... of course, that's not always a good idea if you get mocked as Elend's clone. Not that I have anything against Elend, mind you. Well, I suppose I do read a lot when spending time with my friends.

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