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Anthony stood there, his eyes a bit watery. Because, of course, the suit was really tight. He had his white hair in a fine ponytail, and on the same suit he had worn to the wedding of Max and Althea. He stood at the side of the field, waiting. The wedding was going to start soon, and he was going to be ready. He looked at Tena, where she stood, wearing a beautiful dress, no shoes, and a radiant smile on her face. He looked down at himself, again unsure about himself. Was he really worthy of this woman? She was so... perfect. No, no turning back now. We have the baby to think of. He gave her a somewhat supportive grin, or at least he hoped so, then looked. The guests should start arriving just about now.


Welcome to the beginning of Era 3, and the wedding of Max and Althea again Tena and Anthony!

Officiator: Blessed Peace

@Blessed peace @AxeliustheGreat

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Tena was trying really hard not to hyperventilate, and she was failing. She glanced over at Anthony [just this once, never again] as he gave her a smile (that she loved (a little (okay, maybe a lot))), and couldn't keep a ridiculous smile off her face. 

She had done it all. Lived on the streets, run a mafia, miscarried, fought in a war... more than many people would in their entire lives, and she wasn't halfway done with hers. 

But she'd never gotten married before. 

It seemed hard to believe, that through the long course of her life nobody had ever tried to get her married and succeeded. But nobody was forcing her, she just wanted to. She was getting what she wanted most. It seemed like a beautiful, impossible dream, but she looked over at Anthony and knew it was real. 

She fidgeted slightly as her dress pulled a little at her shoulders. It wasn't as uncomfortable as she'd fought it would be, and Anthony had told her that she looked great, so she was maybe starting to think that she might wear a dress again. Maybe. 

She looked around at the forest and replaced her ridiculous smile with a slight grin. They were at the place she and Anthony had kissed for the first time. Appropriate. Perfect. 

Perfect. That made her think of Anthony (they were the same thing, weren't they?), so she slowly shuffled over to him and leaned against his arm slightly. "I love you," she said to him.

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A man walked into the meadow, and looked around curiously.  He was inhumanly large, but not awkward or bulky, perfectly proportioned.  A returned.  He looked around, and then looked at the two, a bit surprised.  "Oh, am I early?" He asked.  "I don't see any one else."

@#Voidapple, @AxeliustheGreat

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You did say everyone was invited.

Freedom tugged down her black skirt until it reached her knees again. Apparently between now and the time she was nineteen she would grow a few inches. Cool. She’d refused Pry’s attempts to get her to wear a dress. There was only so much respect she could show this man. A nice sweater and skirt that she could fight in was as far as she was willing. Tanel hadn’t really tried that much either. He wore a trench coat over his normal clothing. His mother had rolled her eyes when she’d seen. None of their parents had protested though. The fact that Freedom was willing to show up was pretty big as it was.

The two of them stood to the back, around where the trees started. Her posture was tense no matter how many deep breaths Tanel told her to take. It was no use. Being calm wasn’t an option. Instead Freedom focused herself on watching everything and everyone. Especially “Anthony”. Old habits demanded that she couldn’t trust him in the least.

She eventually resigned to simply glaring at him. Tanel didn’t stop her.

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A turbocopter landed nearby. This model wasn't like the military versions that had been seen flying around Trident Tower like so many bugs. It was decked out in Trident Manufacturing livery and had the company's logo emblazoned on the door. 

The door of the aircraft slid open, and Dwig stepped out, wearing a fine suit, hair pulled back. In place of his usual duster, he wore a fine black trench coat that went well with his suit. 

"I love weddings! And this one in particular." he nodded to Tony "Hello, old man." he said, using his new nickname for the man. 

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When Tena heard the words ‘old man’ is regards to Anthony, she stiffened and glared at Dwig, her face changing from happy to hostile in a matter of half a second. Her eyes were probably blazing like some sort of demon had awakened in her, she realized, then relaxed visibly and narrowed her eyes at Dwig. Did he just call Ani old? Ani isn’t all that. But wait, hadn’t he been an adult when she’d met him, twenty years ago? So maybe he’s a little old, but he certainly doesn’t look it. “Hello, Dwig,” she said in a cold voice.

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Makc, Maq, Makck, and Mackc walked into the meadow then sat down in the back. They were quite the scene, with Mak hanging around Makc's neck, Maq blindly shuffling along, and Mackc dancing to some silent tune with an aviar carrying a petri dish on his shoulder. Makck was in the petri dish. 

They weren't sure why they brought him, but here they were.

The Mc gang had arrived.

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Sorry about that, I was asleep. 

So a pathian wedding? Or a Jewish one? @#Voidapple @AxeliustheGreat

It took ? Quite some time to find the location of the wedding he was supposed to officiate, well if he was late he would tell them it was a tradition of old, to be late to weddings, that way you came only for the good stuff. 

That might not work for him this time, though. And he wasn't getting any closer, that's what you get for filling your zinc metal minds whenever you can, you are so dumb you can't even find a storming meadow. These thoughts repeated themselves over and over in his head, then a new thought occurred to him.

"Sen. why had we agree to do this?" Senhav his spren was on his shoulder, a little woman the color of ink. She peered at him puzzled. "What do you mean, why do we do what? Going to the wedding? because we promised, and as for why we did that, you know the answer." Like Sen said, he knew. The search. It dominated his life, filled his hours and guided him in most his dids.

"Luwadan, tap your metal minds, and find this meadow, it's getting late." Sen prompted him, like he didn't know it was late, even in his dim state he knew that.

He stopped filling his metal minds, and then when his regular state didn't help to find the way he tapped his zinc, sounds and signs he could not understand otherwise, gave him the direction hie needed. A silent pach of wood, a slope that was so slight you would say it's not a slope at all. Luwadan stopped taping zinc as he found one of the way-signs Anthony gave him. 

And so he came into the destined meadow. 

Some people were already there but not many so wasn't too late, that was good.

He looked down at his black duster-like  mantle which he wore above his usual buttoned shirt and dark trousers, not ripped, good.

now where was Anthony? Luwadan did not meet with Tena yet, but maybe she knew the Girl, he would have to ask her.

oh, there they were, Standing together greeting the guests. "Ready Sen? we have a wedding to officiate". He walked towards them.

then he saw that what passed between the sharply dressed man and the couple was not greetigs.

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Jewish wedding, because I don’t know how those work and have never seen one.

“Oh, hey,” Tena said as another guy showed up, “what’re you here for?” I really just want whoever that priest-guy is to show up so I can say ‘I do’ before something goes wrong.

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I wonder why most everybody is ignoring me, Tena thought. Is it that I'm wearing a dress? She looked down at herself and, of course, immediately saw her abdomen, which was bulging out, though she was thin everywhere else. So they're probably ignoring me because I got pregnant before I got married. Religious people get on my nerves. She'd had to get her dress tailored to account for the baby, but it was still a little tight. She breathed in and out for a minute, then glanced up at the sky and winced as the baby kicked. Again. 

Well, it was either the baby, or her hungry stomach. She didn't know which was less demanding.


Seom walked through a forest. Apparently two bozos were getting married. In the middle of a forest. And they'd invited everybody

Now THAT'S hippie. 

She eventually got to where an obviously-pregnant woman and a giant man (he had to be AT LEAST seven feet tall) were standing next to each other. The woman, presumably the bride, was a few inches shorter than Seom herself, and was wearing a short black dress that went down to slightly beyond her knees. She had a scar on the side of her face, thin, like she'd been sliced with a knife, and light blue eyes that were positively blazing with rage. About what? 

Seom walked over to the pair and bowed slightly to the bride, but didn't say anything. When she stood straight again, the bride was grinning like a chasmfiend on weed. "Well, it's nice to see someone paying the proper," she glanced at the giant man next to her, "amount of respect to the one who actually makes a difference in a relationship. Y'know, giving birth and all that jazz." 

Wasn't expecting that. Was the woman crazy, or just mad about something? "Well," Seom said, really having no idea what to say, "I hope you two are happy." Tena nodded enthusiastically and shoved her soon-to-be-husband in the ribs slightly, though it was a bit of a stretch for her. Seom turned and walked to one of the back tables, then sat down and leaned back in her seat, looking around and assessing the threat each guest might be. She had her metalminds ready if she had to fight, but it was still a bit much for her to fight hand-to-hand with anything but knives. 


Dru skipped slightly as she walked through the forest. The air was light, cool, and the ground was springy, the grass green. It was certainly a good day to have a wedding. 

She saw the tables, and a pregnant woman who was nearly a foot taller than Dru standing next to an absolutely enormous man. Like, that guy had to be at least eight feet tall, and with huge shoulders. Were there even sports for people that big, or did he just do... something... with all his time? 

To avoid meeting his scary violet eyes, Dru bowed to the woman who was getting married, and a wide smile spread across the woman's face. "Ladies are always polite," she informed her fiancé, then turned to Dru. "You ever been to a wedding before?" 

"I haven't, sorry. What should I say?" 

"A simple 'congrats' would suffice." 

"Okay, then. Congratulations! This'll end off well, I can tell. You guys'll be happy." The woman beamed up at her fiancé, which made Dru smile. Seeing people happy always helped. She turned and looked around, then saw a table where a young woman was sitting alone and walked over, plopping down opposite the person.

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KanMien and Kumiko walked towards the couple. "But why do I have to come," Kumiko said, sounding annoyed. "Because I'm not allowed to leave you unsupervised anymore after what happened last time," KanMien said, getting a bit annoyed as well. "It looked at me funny," Kumiko said. "You can't blame me for that." "It looked at me funny is not an excuse for that," KanMien said. "Not if it takes a month to clean up afterwards, and two more months to fill in all the paperwork. On that note, behave yourself, alright?" They looked at her. "That means no fighting, no bad manners, and not launching dropkicks at people's faces." When it seems Kumiko had gotten the message they walked towards Antony and Tena. "Congratulations, you two," they said, smiling. "Both with the wedding, as well as with the pregnancy."

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Tena... forced... a smile onto her face and shook her head, then nodded at the next two people who came up to congratulate her and Anthony. Say, what is wrong with me today? She glanced around at the crowd, at people wearing nice clothes and being polite, and it was like she was suffocating in all the attention. I'm not used to having so many people around. I can manage a bunch of construction workers, but not these few? Usually, she was in one of two situations: at work with her lot to boss around, or at home with Anthony and/or Lenare. Even this many people felt unnatural, though she'd probably have to get used to it. 

"Okay, so yeah, there's something wrong with me," Tena confessed quietly to Anthony. "People. I'm not used to this many people. I'll be fine in a minute." 

Lenare appeared a few steps away, then walked over to Tena with a strange expression on his face. He ruffled her hair lightly, which made her glare at him, then said, "You're finally happy. Congrats. To you as well, Anthony." Tena nodded at her grandfather, and probably would've hugged him, but that would have been nigh-impossible in her state. Lenare ruffled her hair again, then walked over to sit at the table where those two young women had gone. 


"Grandpa!" Seom said, and stood up just as Lenare got to her table, hugging her grandfather tightly for a moment. Then, she recovered he composure and sat back down, blinking repeatedly. The short woman who had sat down opposite her leaned forward slightly, as if intrigued by Seom's sudden reaction. 

"Nice to see you too, C," Lenare said, and sat down in another of the chairs. "How've you been doing lately?" 

"Fine. Nothing was too difficult. I'm just glad Pa left back to Scadrial without killing anyone. He looked about ready to." 

"Your father has been like that for a really long time. I think he's coming here, actually." 


"Oh, I don't know. Probably wanted to see you, if I had to guess. Makes enough sense to me." His one wolf ear flicked back, almost unconsciously, and Seom wondered what that meant. She'd seen her dogs do that when they were distressed or aggressive, but Lenare wasn't a dog, of course. "Ah, and here he is. Wanted to meet the couple before sitting down, I guess." 


Tena stiffened as she saw who was now approaching. "Travis," she said, her voice flat and cold. 

"Yeah," Travis said. His face was impassive, but that wasn't anything new to Tena, even though she hadn't seen him in twenty years.

"Why're you here?" 

"Just wanted to wish you well, Tess. Don't freak out at me."

"I wasn't--" she slowed her breathing, "just go sit. We can talk after it's over, okay?" 

Travis nodded, then walked over to the table Lenare had gone to (why had that girl called him 'Grandpa'?). He sat down next to that same girl, and Tena decided that she would just ignore it until she was married.

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