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Shards and the Beyond


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Mistborn Eras one and two spoilers ahead.

So I remembered how Harmony/Sazed said that he could speak with Vin and Elend and then later Lessie, all of whom had already passed into the beyond, and that sparked a question. Can all shards speak to people in the beyond? I can’t remember any instances of it happening with other shards. Do you need to power of two shards to accomplish it? Do you need specific powers of shards to accomplish it? I know that only with the combined powers of Preservation and Ruin you could speak with people, as Preservation could hear them and Ruin could talk at them. Or maybe he can’t speak with people in the beyond and they just hadn’t left the cognitive realm yet? Help!

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As others have said, this is a specific topic that Brandon has said he doesnt ever really want to pin down, preferring to leave it in the realm of in-world philosophers and theologians, and each reader's own interpretation. 


Closest Ive found is this WOB, that's fairly old and pre-Secret History, but does leave the possibility open that a Shard might be able to figure something out, even while saying it's all up to reader head-cannon:





Also, We just took for granted that Sazed is with Tindwyl now. Is that so?

Brandon Sanderson

Well, here's the thing. What Sazed is right now is something of a god in the classic Greek sense—a superpowered human being, elevated to a new stage of existence. Not GOD of all time and space. In a like manner, there are things that Sazed does not have power over. For instance, he couldn't bring Vin and Elend back.

Where Tindwyl exists is beyond space and time, in a place Sazed hasn't learned to touch yet. He might yet. If you want to add in your heads him working through that, feel free. But as it stands at the end of the book, he isn't yet with Tindwyl. (He is, however, with Kelsier—who refused to "Go toward the light" so to speak, and has been hanging around making trouble ever since he died. You can find hints of him in Mistborn 3 at the right moments.

Barnes and Noble Book Club Q&A (July 8, 2009)


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