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Hi, I'm 31 and from Pittsburgh, Pa. I found 17th shard from reading a lot on Coppermind and felt I'd really like to keep learning more regaring the Cosmere.

So far from Brandon Sanderson's books I've read:

The Mistborn Trilogy eras 1 and 2


Arcanum Unbound - everything except for stories from Roshar since I haven't read the Stormlight Archive yet

My next Cosmere novel that I think I'm going to read is Warbreaker and then start in Stormlight. I also am going to read the White Sands graphic novels eventually as well. I've also been currently reading Redemption Ark by Alastair Reynolds.

Other than Brandon Sanderson, I like to read sci-fi and fantasy the most but also like to read true crime and mystery some too. Tolkien is one of my favorite authors as well and I've read LOTR, The Hobbit, and The Silmarillion multiple times each. I'm actually a mod for a Tolkien forum also, not sure if I can plug it so I won't :).

When not reading I enjoy astronomy. I also like watching old movies. Horror and sci-fi are my favorite genres and I love old classics like Hammer films and Universal monsters. My favorite old sci-fi movie is Forbidden Planet. I also like to travel with my wife a lot, this year we'll be going to Ireland in June. 

I hope to read some excellent discussions and partake when I can.

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2 hours ago, Rebecca said:

Welcome, we’re glad to have you! Which of Sanderson’s books is your favorite so far?

That's kind of hard for me to answer for sure. I've really enjoyed them all in their own ways. 

I first read the original Mistborn Trilogy a few years ago but I had no idea about the Cosmere and how his other novels were in the same universe. But I had remembered how much I loved the original trilogy and read Elantris in 2017 and that's when I really realized that I love Brandon's writing style and couldn't get enough.  So through the last year, between other books I read the Wax and Wayne trilogy and then Arcanum Unbound as well.

I think that my favorite Mistborn novel was The Final Empire. It was my first Cosmere novel and I always remembered while reading other books how much I enjoyed it and the rest of the Mistborn trilogy. 

From Arcanum, I really liked Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell. It was different but I really enjoyed the story and would love to learn more about Threnody. I hope that more eventually comes out regarding this system at some point.

I also liked Mistborn: Secret History a lot too. It was fascinating seeing from Kelsier's point of view while the events of the Mistborn Trilogy were occurring. 

Thanks for the warm welcomes!

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Hello and welcome to the Shard!  We're happy to have you.  I'd say you should feel free to go ahead and plug the Tolkien forum you mention.  It's been many years since I've actually read Tolkien, though I had fun over the past few months recalling The Silmarillion through tor.com's Silmarillion Primer.

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