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Gemstones affecting Surges

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Do differing types of Gemstones affect the Surges and KR? Because of the Ten Essences Chart, we know that Each Herald has a specific Gemstone. Jezrien, the Herald-Patron of the Windrunners, has Saphire. So would a Windrunner be able to get more Stormlight out of a Saphire Gem than a Emerald Gem?


We know that most of the Fabrials need specific Gemstones, and they Mimic the Surges. Soulcasters do not follow this rule, as they use the gem associated with the essence of what they're making.

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I doubt it. We have a WoB which rather heavily implies that it doesn't matter at all for most surgebinding.




I finally got to ask a question about the Stormlight Archive that Windrunner17 and Chaos helped me with which was: "Why Can Kaladin Surgebind with any gem type but Jasnah and Shallan need specific types?"
A lot of that will be explained as the series comes along. It is really the difference between Soulcasting and the other forms of Surgebinding. It's more a quirk of Soulcasting than it is something that is different about about Kaladin. So you've kind of got it reversed a little bit though; Soulcasting has this additional restriction that the other ones don't.


If it existed, Brandon really ought to have at least hinted at the kind of variability you suggest in that answer.

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I'm not going to Lie. When I saw you were the Last person to post on another of My Ideas, I panicked. I was completely certain you were either going to Make my Thread obsolete by linking to a different thread, Or ruin my Thread with A WoB.


Dang it Kurk. Why? Why must you do this to me?


Oh, and thank you for the WoB. :D 

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