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Investiture Rules



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All we know is that a magic system develops due to the interactions between a Shard, and the planet they've invested in. All worlds have a magical focus that is utilized in every system there... But we have only a few of this confirmed. 

Metal for Scadrial, Forms for Sel, and Commands for Nalthis. 

A Shard doesn't actively shape their magic system, but they can nudge/alter things. 




On a broader level, is hemalurgy officially dead, then? Or is it still extant in some Ruin-free (but still messy) form? (If it's gone, is there any imbalance since Preservation's magic power is kept and Ruin's isn't?)

Brandon Sanderson

Is Hemalurgy dead? No, not at all. It, like the other two powers, was not created by Ruin or Preservation, but by the natural state of the world and its interaction with the gods who created it. It still requires the same method of creation, but very few people are aware of how it works.



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