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17th Shard UK (LONDON) Meetups - Signing and LonCon

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On 19th April a few UK-ers met up for drinks in London, and lo, 'twas awesome.


On twitter, Peter mentioned that Brandon will be doing a signing in the UK sometime in July/August (NOT at LonCon, 'though Harriet will be there) so that's 2 potential meet up dates:


1) The Signing (details to follow when we know when it'll be, I'm thinking pre/post meetup and drinks); and


2) LonCon 14-18 August 2014, ExCel London - if people are going LonCon let us know the dates you will be there and we can maybe meet up for a Sanderfan toast/drinks.


Let me know if you're interested in coming along, had a great time at the weekend and would be awesome to meet up and have very involved cosmere convos again :D

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Hi - based in London, moved down with my husband a few months ago. We're going to Loncon as well and would be glad to meet some people to have drinks in advance or during conference. Have not seen Brandon's name on the attendance list though? Plenty of other great authors there obviously but would be a great bonus if Brandon showed up!  :lol:

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Just reviving this thread.

Loncon starts tomorrow and I will be there from around 1-1.30pm from Thursday to Sunday. If anyone wants to organise a meetup at the convention, I would be happy to attend (perhaps we could grab lunch before).

Can anyone going please comment on this thread so everyone knows who's attending.

Cheers, cromptj

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