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what happened to the parshendi who fled?

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And it's been addressed that that wasn't unintentional. 



Frustrated with the editing/beta readers for not noticing Brandon leaving out a character.

The character I'm talking about is Rlain. An entire part of the book was spent with every single member of Bridge Four talking about how Rlain wasn't really a part of things, and even more so Rlain himself in his POV chapter. And then nothing! We get a conclusion to the whole buildup of Bridge Four, but Rlain is nowhere mentioned in the last half of the book. Nevermind that we've all spent an entire book (and the three years since WoR) wondering if Rlain will become a squire, and nevermind that we get an answer to whether a Parshman can become Radiant in the first place. We just get nothing! No resolution.

Peter Ahlstrom

Everyone noticed this. I noticed it even before the beta read started. Brandon was well aware, and this was all intentional. I'll bet you can think of some reasons for it.



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I sooooooo want this to be true! And since (IIRC) Book 4 will be Eshonai's flashback book, I'm really hoping we'll see her mum soon. My bigger hope is that Lift and/or Renarin will heal her poor dear brain (my own mom got dementia, so it's near to my heart), & that she can share all the Listener songs with the good guys and they'll use that wisdom to advance the cause. Can you imagine if she does get healed, and then finds out that Venli is a KR?!? ... and their reunion at some point? That would be another passage to read through one's tears. I'll also throw in my idea that the songs of the Horneaters that Rock mentions in OB are related to, or maybe the same as, the Listeners' songs. (sigh) Too long to wait! :mellow:

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What became of the listeners that fled? Where could they have gone? It can’t have bee long before both storms hit their party; if they were still somewhere on the shattered plains they’d likely have been slaughtered.

I think they will prove to be the key that helps Dinar negotiate with the pardhnen. Yasna suggested two stratagems for the war; kill the heralds to lock the fused back on damnation, or kill all parshmen to remove their hosts. Otherwise, Odium can replace any surgebindsers he loses every storm. The alternative is to turn the parshmmen against Odium and remove his willing hosts.

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There's another factor about the Narak remnants as well:

Did Renarin see anything about Rlain's future?

Renarin made it a point to talk with Rlain, and we have absolutely no idea what exactly they talked about.  Given how Rlain seems to appreciate their talks, and his conspicuous absence, has made me suspicious about whether or not Renarin saw something that Rlain took action on.  I wouldn't be surprised to discover that Rlain knows about Renarin's sight, and that the listeners are nowhere as prejudiced against precognition as Vorin areas are; their songs have an undertone of this acceptance already (the one about the nightforms).

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