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Possibly the most arresting (to me) image in the series so far is when 


Dalinar is surrounded by the tide of gloryspren during the battle at the end of OB.

Of course, as it pertains to something rather glorious, this event makes sense, but I wonder if there is any other, deeper(?), significance, here. Is it possible that gloryspren are more, err, powerful than might otherwise be supposed? Something along this line?

I feel like the concept of divine glory is highly relevant, here, or would be, or whatever...

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Gloryspren don't make sense to me, and I wouldn't be surprised if they've been retconned.


A swarm of small glowing orbs materialized around Kaladin’s head, spren the shape of golden spheres that darted this way and that. He started, looking at them. Gloryspren. Storms. He felt as if he hadn’t seen the like in years.

Syl zipped up into the air and joined them, giggling and spinning around Kaladin’s head.

“Feeling proud of yourself?”

“Teft,” Kaladin said. “He’s a leader.”

-- Words of Radiance, Chapter 9

So Syl is saying they're actually pridespren, and people call them gloryspren because they usually appear when someone is feeling proud of themselves. That makes them just another emotion spren. But Oathbringer plays them up so much that I was starting to think they were splinters of Honor from his death.

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Gloryspren explicitly react to the belief of the person they appear near that they've done something awesome, not that other people think so. This is both amusing and relevant


Dustin Warf

If Kelsier had visited Roshar, what spren would have been attracted to his character?

Brandon Sanderson

Gloryspren because he pretty much always feels like he's done something awesome. :)


Dalinar is doing something storming Awesome* at that point so it's not terribly surprising that he suddenly attracted a bunch of the things, in the same way that Kaladin attracts lots of windspren when he's being especially Windrunner-y.


* This statement has been approved by Lift, who also tried to eat it.

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On 8/20/2018 at 6:26 PM, CrazyRioter said:

Each order of Radiants appears to have an association with a type of lesser spren (e.g. Windrunners with windspren, Edgedancers with lifespren, lightweavers with creationspren).

This. I feel like Gloryspren are just the subspren of the Bondsmith Order.

On 8/20/2018 at 6:46 PM, Morsk said:

Gloryspren don't make sense to me, and I wouldn't be surprised if they've been retconned.

What's confusing you?

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Just now, Ripheus23 said:

So does Dalinar happen to think, "I'm doing something awesome," at that moment? Or maybe the Stormfather thinks it :ph34r:

I think it's less "something awesome" and more "this is something to be proud of" be it an accomplishment, act of defiance, crazy risk, whatever. Looks at the first time that we see Elhokar. 


The triumph and joy in Elhokar’s face brought a smile to Dalinar’s lips. The younger man needed victories these days. Even little ones would do him good. Gloryspren—like tiny golden translucent globes of light—began to pop into existence around him, attracted by his sense of accomplishment.

Whether Dalinar truly thought he was accomplishing anything... I don't know. But considering the whole realization he was about to make in "the next step" I think the fact that he was continuing on in spite of everything was an accomplishment in itself. And as he was drawing closer and closer to touching both Honor's power and the Spiritual Realm, I think he may have inadvertently been pulling on all gloryspren in that moment. It was kind of a monumental achievement in the end. 

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