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The One Who Calls Himself Taln


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We have a WoB:

Q: Do you know the order of 6-10?

A: I know whose they are but I haven't decided the order. Lift is one, Taln is one. The person who calls himself Taln.

This is extremely interesting, because it basically tells us that Taln... Isn't Taln.


A) the character we've seen isn't the Herald - which is maybe supported by his apparent lack of Honourblade (Dalinar takes the blade and doesn't appear to suddenly manifest surgebinding power, although I admit there might be more to the Honourblade-grants- surgebinding than we're currently aware of.)

B ) the original Taln was somehow replaced by another person who suffered between desolations - but unlikely because of his madman chant about the Heralds coming back to teach mankind. ( unless there's some weird cognitive realm thing going on with his memory/identity - which is possible in a cosmere magic system, because feruchemy deals with identity).

Obviously even I don't think these ideas are particularly plausible, I just want to raise the question and see what you all think.

(Please excuse me if this has already been discussed - it's hard to keep up with all the threads around here. )

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The whole interesting thing to me, is that in the books, Brandon hasn't really hinted that Taln isn't who he says he is, but to us, he's gone full out crazy about it. Could it be his way of messing with the 17th Shard?

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