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Why a mistborn and not a misting?

The Grumpy Elantrian

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So my question is, what causes a person to be born as a mistborn as opposed to a misting?

Is it simply random chance that you are a mistborn and not a misting? Is it influenced by the strength and purity of your noble bloodline or lineage?

The potency of the bloodline has some credit since Kar makes a mention of Vin having to have very pure bloodlines to be as strong as she is (that is paraphrased from memory so I may be mistaken). And it could be possible that Kelsier had a pure bloodline on his noble side. However, this is challenged by the fact that there are many pure blood nobles who aren't mistborn.

So perhaps it's a combination of the two? Or a factor I haven't considered. 

Anyway, I welcome your thoughts.

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On 8/11/2018 at 3:53 PM, king of nowhere said:

it's basically random chance, with purer bloodline giving you best chances both of being a misting instead of a regular person, and of being a mistborn instead of a regular misting

That's how I understood it. After all, Kar gives as evidence of Vin's descent that for a half-skaa to be a Mistborn, the noble blood must come from a very pure bloodline... While looking meaningfully at Tevidian, the High Prelan, who is not an Allomancer at all.

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1 hour ago, Unlicensed Hemalurgist said:

Do we actually know definitively that Tevidian wasn't a Mistborn? Plenty of noble mistborn had high-placed day jobs, after all.

I guess it's never said one way or the other, but if he had been a Mistborn at least, he'd probably have reflexively defend himself from the onslaught of Inquistors that killed him. He could have been a Seeker or some other non-physical Misting, though.

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