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Using the word "Force" in Fantasy/Sci Fi Novels


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Hi all,

I like to know if I am allowed to use the word "Force" as a name to describe the Magic System in my stories.

Like example

Elemental Force
Physical Force
Transfigure Force

And using the Category term for all this mechanics as Magic Force

Is it allowed? Cause i understand that "The Force" is trademarked but i still like to use the word "Force" as it most accurately described the type of magic i am writing in the novel and I can't think of a better word to capture the reader's visualization of the Magic Mechanics in the story . I omit "the" throughout my entire novel.

Can i have an advice on this?

Greatly appreciated for the Advice and help.

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The term "Force" is both generic enough and descriptive enough that you be "allowed' to use it.  I would personally avoid literally calling it "The Force" absent any of the modifier terms you mentioned (Elemental, Physical, etc); with them it becomes a descriptive school of magic, without it you risk the audience making unwanted connections (even if Lawyers arent going to come after you). But as long as you avoid the specific Jedi trappings (no opposing Light and Dark Sides as a good&evil allegory, for example) I think you'd be fine.  The trick I think is that it you want to make sure the Audience doesnt think it feels too similar; even if the lawyers are appeased if the audience thinks it's too close (without being obvious satire/parody), you'll risk loosing them.

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Just say mass times acceleration :P

But honestly, Quantus gave good advice. The word "force" cannot be really owned by Disney, so you're fine using it as long as it doesn't make the reader think they're reading Star Wars story.

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