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Thanks, Amazon


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for randomly recommending The Way of Kings about a year ago. The description didn't really sound like my thing, but I gave it a shot and was hooked before I finished the prologue. Right away the whole thing just felt so BIG. Read all four Stormlight books before learning about the Cosmere, so I spent the last six months catching up. I now recommend my friends start with Mistborn, but there's something pretty cool about starting with Stormlight and knowing there's so much you don't understand even as you read.

It's been a great year of reading these books, and I'm glad to have somewhere to keep reading as I wait for new books for the first time. Don't know how else I could make it through.

Thanks for having me!

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Welcome to the Shard. Have a cookie and an upvote.

As a continue to Archer, why are they your favorite?

For initiation would you say, "My life to yours, my Breath become yours"


Oh... Still.

Curse Archer's Signature.

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I'm embarrassed admit that I let you both rick-roll me... But even though I'm clearly new to the internet, I'm not new enough to the Cosmere to give my Breath away. I need that extra magic sauce %. I'll decline the cookie, too, but I have to assume I'd stop eating it before I managed to pierce my own skin? Unless it's a REALLY good cookie and I just couldn't control myself.

Shallan's my favorite partially because she can't have a normal conversation without turning it into a big witty joke, and I relate to that.

Vin because when she fights she is the dagger and when she loves she is the kiss, Shai because she's so proud of her work, Szeth because what do you do with all that crazy, and Taln for a certain quote in Oathbringer.

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