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Ermagerd, a new mermber


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I was gonna try to say something like "Ermadnerslersiurm" or whatever, but figured I would look like a cat stomping on a keyboard if I did that...

In case it wasn't evident, I am not a cat. I'm probably human, though according to which probability calculus, I won't say...

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What if I'm not from that planet? :P Also, if I'm not human, I might not breathe... I might not even be alive... However, for the sake of the locals, I will say, "My organic presence to yours, my atmospheric metabolism become yours," if that fits.

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Welcome to the shard! Your gonna love it here. Have an upvote and if you don't mind me suggesting I spend most of my time here in the RPG section it's really fun, you should check it out. 

P.S I'm in the Ghostbloods their the best!

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Aww... I stop posting up here for a little bit and everything falls apart. Everyone has forgotten their manners! 

@Ripheus23 Allow me to formally welcome you to the shard with a free cookie and a rep point! I hope you enjoy your time here.



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