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[OB] Question about Lift and the Thrill


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Okay so this just crossed my mind and I'd like a second opinion. 

Lift has a unique ability to touch Spren in the physical realm. Can she control this? Because she walks into the cloud made by the Thrill to give Dalinar the perfect gem. If that cloud is the physical form of the Thrill, wouldn't she bump into it as opposed to pass through it? Or does her unique powers let her walk into it but be unaffected?

Just curious, maybe a WoB exists for this already?

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This is a pretty interesting question, I'd never thought of it like that before. I have no idea how her boon/curse would affect that, except for the obvious fact she was able to walk through it since we saw that happen in the book. I wonder why she didn't bump into it, since she was able to hold onto Wyndle.

@Nightfire107 Also, please edit your post and add [OB] to the title of your topic.

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8 minutes ago, Angsos said:

I'm just guessing but the Unmade are splinters I guess, perhaps that's why

Seons/Skaze are Splinters too, and they are Spren equivalents. I'm not sure if the distinction between Spren and Splinter really means much of anything anymore.

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7 hours ago, Zellyia said:

Have we seen Lift touch any spren other than Wyndle?  Could it be related to their bond?

This is what I was going to say - perhaps at some level, Wyndle is choosing to let Lift touch him.  He shapes himself to adapt to her touch, such as when she scales the wall in WoR.  Perhaps it needs to be a reciprocal action between the two of them working together - she can only touch Wyndle intentionally.  If Lift could unintentionally touch any spren as if they were a solid object, I feel like she would be bumping into them constantly whenever it starts to rain, for example (rainspren), or whenever a breeze blows (windspren), or if she happens to walks into a cloud of the Thrill.  

EDIT: Or perhaps, as Zellyia says, this is just something special between Lift and Wyndle, and the circumstances would be different if she tried to touch another spren.  I don't think we've really seen Lift touch any spren aside from Wyndle.  

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