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Hi everyone,

I have been a long time reader of Brandon Sanderson(8ish years) but haven't been into the fandom as I spent most of the time from 2012-2017 under the Atlantic ocean. I have 3 girls(Aurora, Ariel, Jasmine) and once son(Not named after a Disney character, Jacinth). I am currently in living in Oahu on shore duty with the Navy So not spending lots of time underwater. One of the coolest thing about Hawaii is that there is a huge nerd culture here, lots of cons(haven't been to enough), game stores, etc.. Unfortunately, I've only found one other person who is a huge Sanderson fan that I get to talk to semi regularly at my Adventurers league group. I guess I'm here to get a little bit more Sanderson talk in my life. Also was wondering if anyone knows if Sanderson ever gets out here to Hawaii, I haven't seen anything about it on the internet.

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8 minutes ago, Archer said:

Welcome! There's got to be a list of tour locations somewhere, probably on his website (www.brandonsanderson.com). In the meantime, you could take a looksee for other Hawaiian sharders here:


Thanks, I have been to the site a few times but haven't seen anything. Also took a look at the map and no pins were on any of the islands, haha. So just my luck!

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9 minutes ago, Jehoiada said:

Well we can be your Sanderfan friends!! so whats your favourite book that Brandon wrote?

Ohh, that's a tough one...*goes over and looks at bookshelf*... I would have to say that The Bands of Mourning would be my favorite book, With Emperor's Soul being my favorite story(probably of all time), It brought me to tears(Happy ones). Back to books, Mistborn era two, is just a really good story, I am fan of that type of story, older man trying to figure out how he fits into this new world, feeling like his world is leaving him behind.

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4 minutes ago, Rebecca said:

Ooh, Hawaii? That’s really cool. Anywho, welcome to the Shard! We’re glad to have you here, and we hope you enjoy yourself. Who’s your favorite Sanderson character?

That is another tough one, I think as far as characters I would have to say Wax. I really like his struggle to figure out how his values and ways fit into this new world he is thrust into.

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