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The Boxbot Wars

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Unlike many guilds, this one is purely to proclaim a Discord link to where the actual buisness will take place. 

These are the Boxbot wars.

In the Boxbot wars, the Boxbot (a robot-type thing in Discord) will prove us with weapons and we will kill each other.

How fun does that sound?

Here's the link! https://discord.gg/gBq9f5W

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53 minutes ago, Voidus said:

Already working on one, cookie bot will be intermittently available in the DA discord for now, I'll look into cloud hosting it somewhere when it's a bit more complete

No, like Boxbot giving weapons out and then fighting each other. But more cosmereish

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12 hours ago, Mraize said:

Sweet thanks, Can you give me the like to cookie bot?

Currently only active in the DA discord while I'm testing it and since it's running off my PC as a server it'll only be intermittently available for the moment but I'll send you an invite to the public thread in our discord

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